do good,

reap good

This is a voluntary service, which you agree to join our Tava Mitra BLS Empowered Citizen Network. No fees or any kind of rewards will be paid.

Joining AmbySureTM ensures that any patient, accident victim, person suffering from cardiac arrest or any untoward incident occurs a trained and certified First Responder will be able to rush to the location and support, stabilize the patient until professional medical help arises or has been moved to the nearest medical facility.

Our Vision is to make Mumbai as one of the safest cities with maximum number of BLS trained volunteers.

It's a very noble and invaluable service to the society.

All you have to do is register yourself on our network and download the app.

You will get notified by our call center about the incident location which will be nearest to you. You will always carry our Identity card with you.

Please check our website for upcoming BLS (Basic Life Support) training schedule.